Building the New Business Case for ITAM

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IT Asset Management (ITAM), as defined by ITIL, is the process for tracking and reporting the value and ownership of financial assets throughout their lifecycle. ITAM is a critical discipline that organizations should embrace to better manage and optimize their IT assets, because this practice leads to significant cost savings, risk reduction and greater business efficiencies. When organizations fail to take ITAM seriously, they are simply rolling the dice and leaving everything to chance.

Many IT Asset Managers wish to improve their ITAM programs; however they struggle with obtaining executive buy-in, sponsorship and funding to make this happen. What are the common internal obstacles? Do any of these responses sound familiar?

The underlying issue is that many senior executives view ITAM as a cost burden rather than an investment in their business. Due to this pervasive point of view, the IT Asset Manager must prove and communicate to the leadership team the ITAM value proposition: that a solid ITAM program will lead to significant cost avoidance and savings opportunities, and represents an investment in the business. 

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