SAM 101 and
the Secret for Success

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What is SAM and why is it important?

A reliable SAM program provides access to the information necessary to make the most educated business decisions.

Success means different things to different people. It is generally defined as achieving the correct or desired result.  For a professional athlete, success means winning or performing at his or her very best.  For a professional musician, success means performing a piece perfectly or stirring emotion in the audience.  For a writer, success is achieved when the reader becomes a fan and continues to purchase his or her publications.  But what is the definition of success for a Software Asset Management (SAM) program?

Success in SAM means delivering value for the business.  Business value in SAM comes in many flavors – accurate information on software licenses deployed and utilized, maintaining compliance with software supplier agreements, re-using software licenses and automation, to name a few.  One of the greatest achievements in SAM is the ability to uncover significant cost avoidance on software licenses and maintenance.  What is the secret to achieving this success?

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