The People Factor:
How to Make Your ITAM Tools More Productive

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Many ITAM tools are very effective but complex. After you purchase a tool, there is still significant up front work that needs to be accomplished, as well as training and ongoing activities.

Tools are a key component of your ITAM program. They are essential for automating processes such as discovery, license and lifecycle management. However, these tools need to be deployed, run and managed by people. The human factor is critical to ensure that tools are working properly and that the data they generate is accurate and correctly interpreted.

In this white paper, we will examine how to approach a new tool implementation from a people perspective. We will describe the roles, responsibilities and skills required to help organizations realize the maximum return on investment (ROI) from their tools. Executing on these recommendations will lead to more accurate information generated by your ITAM program, which will help your company make better business decisions about your IT assets and increase the ROI from your ITAM tools.

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